Let's float it on your rice fields! A robot “Okaki NEO” that helps weed rice fields with the newly developed “Ta-brush” is born!

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Okaki NEO, a dog-style weeding assistance robot, is ready!

This newly developed robot's hand "Ta-brush" will help you remove weeds by scratching the rice fields.

Weed the rice field with a powerful "Ta-brush". The seedlings are being improved so as not to be damaged.

It has a solar panel, so

It will continue to move as long as the sun shines.

Of course, it is equipped with GPS and is automatically controlled. If it's sunny, it can scratch this much in one day.

Weeds that were floating in this season's experiment. Every morning around the rice fields will be fun!

In the experiment, we created an area with a fence that the robot could not physically enter.

I observed it every day.

The right side is inside the fence, the left side is outside the fence.

It was extremely effective.

Although weeds grow outside the fence,

We can take these by hand,

In fact, the rice would be better if there were this many weeds. (The plant with long, narrow leaves is rice.)

The culmination of my 19 years of pesticide-free rice research.

Let's float it on rice fields around the world, “Okaki NEO” helps with weeding!

Delicious rice for your bowl