Is there a “bottom” in the universe? "Absolute potential energy" thinking from "absolute position 0"

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Suppose there is an "absolute position 0" somewhere in this universe.

"Absolute position 0" is the bottom of the universe, like the temperature of absolute 0 degrees, beyond which you can't fall.

Then, since a substance existing at a certain position has potential energy,

All matter located in outer space will have absolute potential energy.

e = mgh

Generally, potential energy is expressed by this formula. m is mass, g is acceleration, and h is position.

e = mc^2

The energy possessed by matter is expressed by this formula.

Assuming that this absolute potential energy and the energy of the substance are the same,

mgh = mc^2

In other words, it can be expressed as:

 gh = c^2

Where is the assumed absolute position 0?

h = c^2 / g

g is the acceleration of matter in the universe. If we know how much we're accelerating, we can probably figure out the distance to absolute position zero.

h and g are inversely proportional; if g is small, h will be large; if g is large, h will be small.

Can it be negative?

I want to know the bottom of the universe.